For most events, you will need guides and registration. To get these, click on the event on the calendar, click on More Info, and go to the Doubleknot page for that event.

To get a PDF calendar, follow these steps.
1) Click the print icon above the calendar
2) Select the Print Range dates in which you are interested
3) Use the "Save As" option.

Use the arrow at the upper right of the calendar to select sub-calendars.

Can't see the calendar at all? We have a problem with browser compliance to HTML5 and our calendar. You can download this pdf of our calendar. It was created June 6, 2017. If it needs to be updated, please email, and request the Calendar PDF be updated. The online calendar also contains the links to register for each event listed on the calendar. Many of these are double listed in the News section of the website. If you cannot find a link there, you can view the calendar in Google Chrome or Firefox browsers to use those registration links. And don't hesitate to email me (Dave Blake) at if you need help.

The following links are ICS (or Ical) files. These allow a calendar APP to add these calendar dates to your personal calendar. Copy the link from this page, and paste it into the appropriate box on your calendar app.

For iPhone,
1)Click on Settings.
2)Mail, Calendar, and Contacts
3)Add Account (select Other for account type)
4)Choose "Add Subscribed Calendar" at the bottom of the screen
5)Enter the ICS file URL from the list below
6)Enter a description

For an android device, open Google Calendar, and Add Another Calendar->Add by URL

Council Calendar

Creek River District Calendar

Kiokee River District Calendar

Yamasee District Calendar

Training Calendar