Internet Rechartering

Your unit can recharter using one of two methods; online or paper.  Please consider using the Internet Recharter method.  We think you'll love this method for rechartering, because you'll be completing the charter renewal information yourself and you can do it from your home or office, anytime that it's convenient for you. It's a secure, easy-to-use application accessed from the Council's website.

If your unit does not wish to recharter online, you can still submit your recharter packet using the paper method.

The Georgia-Carolina Council is pleased to offer Internet Rechartering to your unit.  More information about Internet Rechartering will be shared at the November Roundtables.

Internet Rechartering Tutorial

Internet Rechartering HELP

Internet Rechartering FAQs - Updated 3/1/17


How To Get Started: 

All units receive the annual charter renewal packet as usual, only now traditional based units (Packs, Troops, Crews and Ships) packets include information for Internet Rechartering including an access code especially for the unit. 
1.  Select an adult to be the renewal processor for Internet Rechartering. 
2.  From 60 to 45 days before the unit charter expiration date, the renewal processor should gather recharter material.
3.  Select Internet Recharter Tutorial (see above) to learn the process...
     Select RECHARTER NOW!!! (see above) to begin the process...Select First-Time User and enter the unit access code.
 C=Pack / S=Troop / P=Crew / R=Ship / V=Team
Your unit code is available in your recharter kit, or by calling your local district executive.
 4.  Select the unit type and enter the unit number including all four digits.
 5.  Create a password as instructed.
 6.  Complete the information requested on each screen.  You can stop at any
      time, log off the system and begin again where you left off by reentering
      your access code and password.
 Here’s how to wrap up:
 7.   When you’ve completed all the information to recharter the unit, click the Submit button.
 8.  Print the Unit Charter Renewal Report Package, which includes the charter renewal application and list of new members, transfers, multiples, and no-fee adults.  Acquire the appropriate signatures on the application, and then take the entire packet along with new applications, Annual Charter Agreement (with appropriate signature) and fee payments to your District Executive or District Charter turn-in meeting.

Please remember to add $1.00 for insurance for all paying adults and youth in addition to the national registration fees.

New Procedure for Charter Renewal
Promote Youth and Adults

The newest feature in Internet Rechartering is called Promote Members. This new feature makes it easy to move boys and adults from one unit to another provided the units expire on the same date and are from the same council.

This process will also permit age-eligible youth members in troops, teams, crews, and ships to be promoted to adult leaders in the unit.

The members moved through Promote Members are not transfers because both the sending and the receiving units have the same current expiration date and same new effective date for the next renewal term. Usually a valid transfer occurs only from an out-of-council unit at re-charter.

Promote Members is integrated seamlessly into Internet Rechartering and is a simple process to use with step-by-step screen text instructions for the unit user.

The unit renewal processor will be able select the unit they want to promote from and check the boys that qualify based on the age or the age and grade requirements for their new unit. A unit that is chartered to the same, unique organization as the receiving unit will automatically be available. If not, the receiving unit must contact the sending unit to obtain its Access Code to access their unit information.

Adults may also be selected and the position will be assigned when they are moved. All adults promoted will have the default position of assistant leader (in a troop, assistant Scoutmaster, for example). The unit user will change the adult position if it is to be different than the default position.

This process will also permit age-eligible youth members in troops, teams, crews, and ships to be made adult leaders in the unit without having to do full data entry and this is beneficial to the unit. It usually will be necessary to add the Social Security number, however, to the new adult record.

There are now six steps in Stage 2: Update Roster because "Promote Members" was made a new step in Stage 2. The steps are as follows:

  1. Update chartered organization information.
    Review your chartered organization information and make any necessary changes.
  2. Select members for renewal.
    Select for renewal only the members who will be renewing with your unit.
  3. Promote members.
    Select members from another unit to become members of your unit
  4. Add new members.
    Add new adults and/or new youth to your roster.
  5. Update member data.
    Update the personal information about the members on your roster, such as birthday, e-mail
    address, or occupation.
  6. Update adult positions.
    Update the adult positions. Internet Rechartering will assist you in making sure each required
    adult position is filled.

In Promote Members the unit doing promotions will have automatic access to units that are chartered to the same, unique chartered organization (with the same expire date). If there is a different chartered organization, the unit must obtain the access code of the other unit in order to obtain the records of members (adults or youth) in that unit who will join their unit. Units that want to upload recharter files will still be able to do so and then may later go back to use the Promote Members process.

There are two options for unit users doing the Promote Members process:

  • Option 1: If the units are both chartered to the same, unique chartered organization, the potential sending unit will automatically be shown in Promote Members to the potential receiving unit. So a troop, for example, will be able to access the record data for a pack under the same organization and see any youth eligible to join the troop.

    The troop will be able to check to see any current youth age 18 or over who are eligible to become assistant Scoutmasters in the troop. This provides for converting a youth to an adult without having to enter all of the information (Social Security number does have to be added in most cases).

  • Option 2: If the units are not under the same, unique chartered organization, the
    receiving unit must have the access code, unit type, and number of the sending unit in
    order to obtain access to their records. This Access Code must be requested from the
    sending unit.

There is no requirement that one unit type be processed for renewal before another (i.e., you don't have to do the pack before the troop). In addition, the selection of an adult or youth to join the receiving unit does not remove them from the sending unit. If the unit in which they were registered is not going to renew that member, the unit must deselect them for renewal.

If adults are going to be in two units, for example, they will pay in one unit and be made multiple in the other unit. The respective units coordinate as to which unit is to pay the registration fee for such adults. This is the same for youth if approved to be youth members in two units (a troop and a crew).

All youth and adults who join a new unit through Promote Members or are added as new members must submit the appropriate application for their new unit. This includes age eligible youth members who become adult leaders in the same unit. Each name will be listed on the Unit Charter Renewal Report Package as requiring a new application.

Change in Social Security Number Entry during Internet Rechartering Due to Privacy Concerns

Entry of an adult applicant's Social Security Number (SSN) by non-BSA employees may compromise the privacy of others, increase the risk of identity theft, and place the BSA in a precarious situation in regard to handling Personally Identifiable Information. Beginning this fall, unit volunteer charter renewal processors will no longer be able to enter SSNs during Internet Rechartering. The SSN field will be replaced with an informational text message informing the user that SSNs are required and will be entered by the council.


The local council will assume the responsibility for entering SSNs for new adult leader applicants once the renewal has been submitted through Internet Rechartering and the required paperwork has been received at the council office. The current Charter Renewal process in ScoutNET does not allow an adult leader registration to be posted without a valid SSN, so implementing this change will not compromise the current SSN requirement or validation.


If you have any questions, please call the Council office at (706) 733-5277.