2013-2015 Strategic Plan

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Dear Scouting Friends,

We are pleased and honored to share with you the Georgia-Carolina Council Strategic Plan covering the years 2013-2015.   This plan offers a picture of our future, of where we want to go in our Council.    Our vision and mission are powerful statements of our intentions.  Our goals captured here were the result of years of experience and input from a variety of leaders and Scouts throughout the region. 

We would like to publicly acknowledge the many volunteers who gave countless hours in all phases of the development of the plan.  It is the intent of the committee to use the plan as a road map to the future of the Georgia-Carolina Council and set in place a pattern of positive growth that will benefit all Scouts both present and future.

Each of the five pillars of the plan have been designed to address specific needs within Scouting and when consolidated shows all of the pieces to the puzzle.   Like any plan the Strategic Plan is a living document that will be regularly reviewed and updated.

Think of the plan as a Scout using a map and compass; we take the plan as the map and the objectives as our compass.  We look at where we are and where we want to go, plot our course, shoot our bearings and begin our trek.  We know that along the way we may have to make corrections but will continue to be able to refer to the map and compass to guide us to where we want to go.

We hope that everyone who reads the plan will look to the future with us and help us deliver the promise of providing the highest quality Scouting experience possible for every youth within our council who wants to be a part of Scouting.  Our intent is to make sure that every youth who wants to be a part of the BSA has the opportunity to do so and has both a safe and memorable experience that will last a lifetime.

On behalf of the entire committee and all of the volunteers of the Georgia-Carolina Council, thank you for taking the time to read this plan.  We welcome your input and invite you to become part of our Scouting Family if you are not already.


Doug Cates                                     Jeff Foley                                                          
Past Council President                 Chairman, Strategic Plan Committee