In the packs and troops of our council, on a 10 year basis there is enormous turnover of adult leadership. Maintaining continuity is important, and for that reason training is important. It ensures that each pack and troop is educated in the aims and methods of scouting, and is advised on ways to apply them. Our research shows trained leaders improve adult retention, youth retention, program success, safety, fun, and many other facets of scouting. The BSA wants every adult leader to be "trained" at his position. That means every registered scouter must take Youth Protection training. To be considered trained and wear the "trained" patch, scouters must also take position specific training courses.

For Cub Scout outdoor events, BALOO is required for permitting. For Webelos events, OWLS is required. For Boy Scout outdoor events IOLS is required. And once you are "trained", you can take your training to a higher level with the advanced training offered in Wood Badge. Some of the training is online, and some of the training is hands-on. For the online training, go to Myscouting, make yourself an account, and have at it. Check the council training calendar for the hands-on training opportunities like BALOO, OWLS, IOLS, Troop Leader, and others.

What Makes A Trained Unit Leader? - This document summarizes the training the BSA required before you will be considered "trained" at your position.

Every Scout Deserves a Trained Leader 

E-Learning - All online training opportunities are available online through this link.

Training Info - This link will take you to the National Council's website about all things related to training.


Georgia Carolina Council training calendar

Training in other councils

Training is important. If you require or desire training more rapidly than our council has in its schedule, you can explore the options in adjacent councils. The curriculum for training courses is the same across the BSA. However, if you train in another council you will need to drive some distance to their training, and you will need to contact the council office after training is finished to make sure it is recorded in our council properly. With that in mind, here are some alternatives.

Training in the Indian Waters Council, Columbia, SC

Training calendar in the Atlanta Area Council

Central Georgia Council Calendar (Macon) has some training opportunities

Training in the Northeast Georgia Council (Athens and NE GA)